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Getting to know candidate Jeff Doctor


by Rhiannon Bowman

A couple of weeks ago, I conducted an informal, one-question poll: Who’s running against U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick in the midterm election? Most shrugged, but a few responded, “You mean that Native American guy … what’s his name?”

His name is Jeff Doctor. He’s a Seneca Indian and his wife, Allyson, is Mohawk. Both tribes are part of the Iroquois Confederacy, a sovereign nation that hit the headlines a few months back when its lacrosse team was stuck in England without American passports. Because they’re citizens of another nation, technically speaking, they haven’t been in the habit of voting. But Doctor has decided to set a new example for his people. Not only did he vote in the primaries, he’s running for Congress against the well-known conservative Myrick (who, 16 years ago, swore she’d only serve two terms in Congress).

Chloe, Doctor’s 12-year-old daughter, inspired his run. Through her school, Union County’s Marvin Ridge Middle, she became involved in the last election. While the family was in Washington, D.C. for the inauguration, she pointed at the White House and asked her dad why he wasn’t there. The rest, as they say, is history.

He’s operating his campaign with less than $100,000, nearly $41,000 of which is from his own pocket. Meanwhile, Myrick has raised 10 times more money, with more than half coming from political action committees. The Democratic Party? They’re no help. Although Native American tribes have donated nearly $10 million to the party this year alone, the party hasn’t donated a penny to Doctor’s campaign, nor did they respond to our requests for comment. But he’s not bitter, though he says he would like it if the party would pay more attention to his district — the 9th, which is mostly urban, white and, of the registered voters, 34-percent Democrat and 28-percent unaffiliated. “It’s just another challenge,” he says.

On the issues:
• He’s a member of the National Rifle Association.
• On health care, he says, “As a developed nation, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to provide health care on some level.” He also thinks current legislation needs to be refined.
• On immigration, he’d like to see the business owners attracting undocumented workers held accountable to some degree. He also believes if an immigrant continually runs into trouble here, they should be sent home.
• He says we need to focus more money and attention on our children’s educations and pay our teachers better.
• Regarding homosexuals in the military and their right to marry, he believes all American citizens should be treated equally.
• He’s in favor of raising the minimum wage, but he isn’t in favor of raising taxes, or ending the Bush-era tax cuts; however, he thinks the issue should be revisited as soon as the economy improves.
• To improve the economy, he says, “We need to get back to being a nation of innovators and stop being a nation of consumers.” He’d like to see more focus on small businesses.
• He hopes to be a true representative of his district, which is why you may find him at a Tea Party or Republican event.

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Keep up to date with the campaign at Jeff Doctor for Congress


Jeff Doctor for Congress Partners With Rock the Vote…


In 2008, Rock the Vote and 23,000 online partners ran the largest non-partisan voter registration drive in
history, generating over 2 million registration applications through an innovative, easy-to-use online voter
registration tool.

The Jeff Doctor for Congress campaign has added the Rock the Vote registration tool to the website and is encouraging citizens to register.  You can find the Rock the Vote registration tool by logging onto www.JeffDoctorforCongress.com

Mourning the Loss of Susan Burgess

Jeff Doctor is joining thousands in the Charlotte community this week to mourn the passing of City Council Member Susan Burgess.  “Susan was a great leader and a brilliant woman,” said Jeff.  “She worked with courage and passion to serve the people of Charlotte, and her work has made a great impact on all our lives.”   Susan Burgess passed away on Wednesday morning, after a battle with cancer.  Jeff and the campaign team offer their deepest sympathies to Burgess’ family and friends. The loss hits home especially with this campaign, as Dan McCorkle, campaign manager for Jeff Doctor for Congress, also served as Susan Burgess’ campaign manager from 1995 – 2005.  Susan, you will be dearly missed.

Jeff Doctor for Congress Reception June 1st

You are cordially invited to a reception featuring

Jeff Doctor

Candidate for US Congress
North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District

Tuesday, June 1st , 2010
5:30 — 7:30 pm

Stu Goldstein
Judy Harrison Barry
Heath Gilbert
Hon. Patrick Cannon
Dottie Coplon
Steve Hockfield,
Mike Daisley
Bill & Marcea Carter
Pat Patton

Dandelion Market
118 West 5th Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Phone (704) 271-9694 Ext. 7
Email Dan@JeffDoctorforCongress.com

Suggested Levels of Giving
$1000, $500, $250, $100


PMB-65, 9716-B Rea Road, Charlotte, NC 28277-9716

Phone: (704) 271-9694

To learn more about Jeff Doctor’s campaign, please visit:

Jeff Doctor’s Native American Issues

Jeff Doctor’s Native American Issues

– Native Representation
I will work to establish a place at the table for Native Americans.  I will work with Indian Country to expand the rolls they play in the state and national party organizations, and I fully support Native participation in the electoral process, not just as voters but as candidates.  Native American values are those of the Democratic Party: taking care of those who need a helping hand and giving a voice to those who have not had representation.

-Tribal Sovereignty
I fully support complete Tribal Sovereignty and will further this issue on behalf of the Native American people on a federal level.  By doing so we can keep our inherent character as Indian people.  In the process, we will preserve a legacy for our future generations.

– Economic Development
I will support Indian nations to gain self-sufficiency and self-governance through sound economic development and business practices, and to help tribes maximize their potential to their fullest extent.  High unemployment in Indian Country must be dealt with.  To find solutions that help Indians attain sustainable economies, I support the development of existing resources like gaming, renewable energy and increasing tribal business knowledge to increase job opportunities and further economic development.

– Gaming
Native gaming business is an important part of the future of Tribal Sovereignty and the sustainability of our economy.  Many tribal governments have seen substantial improvements in their ability to provide public services to their members, such as building schools, improving infrastructure, and rebuilding the loss of native traditions.  I will bring my voice to the national level to achieve long-term goals of promoting Indian gaming.

A Personal Statement from Jeff Doctor…

It takes a lot of work and effort to get to Washington, D.C. The minority constituency in my District is very small.  I need additional help from around the country to be successful in District 9.  You and our tribal leaders have contributed endless funds to incumbent Members of Congress and the U.S. Senate.  We have elected great friends in Washington, D.C., but currently none of them are Indian.  I am Indian.  And I want the seat at the table to represent the people of North Carolina, but also to represent you.  My wife Allyson and I have made the financial and personal commitment to fight long and hard to win this seat.  We need your personal and tribal support to win this historic campaign for you, for your tribe, and for all the Indian leaders that will follow.  I am Jeff Doctor.  Thank you for your support.

For more information on Jeff Doctor’s campaign, please visit:

Jeff Doctor Letter to the Native American Community


On behalf of all my fellow Native American communities, I, Jeff Doctor, am running for the U.S Congressional seat in the 9th District of North Carolina. I represent the Tonawanda Band of the Seneca Tribe. As a child growing up in Eden, New York – just outside of the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation, I’ve adopted values and principles from my family members and friends who lived on the Reservation and surrounding areas.

I am the only Native American running in the United States this election cycle, and I have already started picking up some key national endorsements such as the National Indian Gaming Association.

As your future Congressman, I will also focus in on advocating for the rights of Native Americans in my district and everywhere else in this country. We have seen far too few of our fellow Native Americans serve in Congress. I believe it is long past time to change that equation. You will have no greater advocate in the United States Congress if I am elected.

I need your help to make this happen. I can, and I will, win this race but I can’t succeed successfully without your support and financial contributions. A Native American tribe can contribute $2400 per election cycle (primary and general election periods) for $4800 total. Individuals can also contribute $2400 per election cycle, for $4800 total. I would ask you to please consider contributing $2400 from your tribe, or a personal contribution to the Doctor for Congress Campaign today.

Best regards,

Jeff Doctor

For more information on Jeff Doctor’s campaign, please visit: