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By Jeff Doctor, Democrat United States Congressional Candidate

My name is Jeff Doctor (D), United States Congressional Candidate for the 9th District of North Carolina. I am a long time resident of North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District which includes portions of Mecklenburg, Union, and Gaston Counties. I have proven myself as a family man, community leader and a successful entrepreneur and businessman. My life as an activist in domestic violence programs and as an investor and owner of small businesses has given me the deep roots within the Charlotte, North Carolina community to really understand the challenges that citizens of the 9th District face on a daily basis.

I am running as a Democrat for the United States Congress because I believe in changing the broken political system in Washington, DC and bringing change home to North Carolina’s 9th District. I am currently running against Republican Incumbent Sue Myrick, for this 9th District seat. Like you, I feel that this is the time to take action, and I am committing myself to this race to first improve the lives of North Carolinians in my District and secondly to bring a much needed voice to our issues here in North Carolina. As a pro-business entrepreneur, I believe in creating legislation that will encourage and develop financial literacy education for youth to meet the need for the ever changing landscape of the global, national and local economies which is the foundation for improving the future and stability of all North Carolinians and Americans which is one of many issues that has been ignored by my opponent in Washington, DC.

My view on ECONOMY

It is not enough to just be a nation of consumers; We must return to being a nation and a community of innovators. So how do we grow industries through innovation?  The development of public, private and educational partnerships can quickly identify the opportunities, research the concepts and provide low interest funding to fuel the new model. The root cause of many of our Districts economic woes can be directly connected to the fact that we have lost our competitive edge in a National and world marketplace but also the local market place which I believe is because of inadequate representation and leadership under Incumbent Sue Myrick in Washington, DC.

For over a century America lead the world with innovation.  It is my belief that America is at its best when setting the standards for innovation for the rest of the world to follow and in the 9th District my opponent has failed in this endeavor. Jobs follow talent; talent drives innovation; innovation creates new industries and new industries grow jobs which is desperately needed in the 9th District. Unfortunately, as a nation we are now standing on the side lines and watching as other nations pass us by.  We can not simply continue to band-aid our problems.  We must now set aside our differences and work together in a bi-partisan manner.  If we do not come together as cooperative leaders and work together to create legislation and incentives for small businesses to grow, we will never dig ourselves out as a Nation, as a State and as 9th District community of this hole and under Sue Myricks out of touch representation in Congress,  we are stagnant as a community because of this.

Today, other nations will continue to recruit American companies to invest off shore instead of here at home.  Business knows no loyalty to our Nation or our community, we must be prepared to compete and our first step in this evolution is to vote for 9th District change. Not only are we shipping jobs off shore; we are now at risk at losing our corporate centers. We simply must wake up and do what is necessary together to bring change to our economy and our communities. America is a nation literally born of small business and the growth of small businesses in America and the 9th District is the life blood for economic growth and job sustainability. There needs to be legislation drafted for taxation relief for small business and if elected my first order of business will be to advocate for the growth of our economy in the 9th District and the nation through adequate legislation in Congress. Congress needs to simplify the Tax Codes.   Reduce the penalties incurred by the IRS and introduce financial sources for low interest lending. Congress needs to reduce worker-compensation payments. Reengage SBA to do a better job of assisting in lending and Congress needs to reduce the health care costs for small and medium size businesses.

My opponent Rep. Sue Myrick on ECONOMY

Since the Year 2000, more than 60% of U.S. Textile & Apparel Jobs have disappeared. Thousands of those jobs have been in Sue Myrick’s own 9th District.

5/24/2000    (HR 4444)  Sue votes to extend permanent trade relations with Communist China. Good luck trying to find any article of clothing made in America anymore.

12/16/2001   (HR 3005)  Sue votes  to give the President Fast Track Trade Authority- another ploy to allow more quick deals that gut the U.S. manufacturing industry.

7/27/2002    (HR 3009)  Sue votes to give Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador & Peru duty free status- so that they can ship their textile products into the U.S. cheaper and eliminate more American jobs.

7/24/2003    (HR 2739)  Sue votes for the U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreement- allowing more cheap imports from Singapore.

7/28/2005    (HR 3045)   Sue proudly votes for CAFTA- a deal that would remove duties on Textile and Apparel goods from Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

7/20/2006    (HR 5684)   Sue votes for the U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement. Latin America wasn’t enough so now we’re giving the rest of the world easier access to ship their cheap goods here.

6/27/2007    (HR 1830)    Sue votes for the Andean Trade Preference Act Extension.

11/8/2007     (HR 3688)    Sue votes for the U.S.- Peru Trade Agreement. She just keeps on giving and giving.

4/10/2008    (HR 1092)   Sue has a chance to redeem herself a bit here but fails. She votes AGAINST postponing the consideration of the Trade  Agreement with Colombia.


5/23/1996    (HR 1227)  Sue votes against raising the Minimum Wage.

8/2/1996      (HR 3448)  Sue votes against raising the Minimum Wage.

3/9/2000      (HR 594)    Sue votes against raising the Minimum Wage.

1/10/2007    (HR 2)        Sue votes against raising the Minimum Wage.

7/31/2008    (HR 1338)   Sue votes against protecting employees who complain about pay discrepancies from discrimination.

1/9/2009      (HR 12)      Sue votes against requiring Employers to justify discrepancies between paying Men and Woman Equally.

My view on EDUCATION

Our 9th District representative needs to bring our education system up to 21st century standards.  Our students, starting from pre-kindergarten all the way to college graduates, need to be provided with an education that will make them competitive in  high tech, high wage jobs that have been created in this world economy.  It is our responsibility as adults and parents to ensure that all students have the capacity to succeed in a college environment. Our schools must better prepare our children for higher education, and if elected as a 9th District Representative, I will advocate for a incentives to ensure that higher education is financially attainable to all who are accepted to college.

It is impossible to achieve the standard of education that we desire without first rewarding educators with the salaries they deserve. Teachers today are grossly under appreciated and underpaid considering the importance and the demands their job.  One way to combat this issue is providing tax-breaks or tax credits for non-paid hours of curriculum time. The ‘No Child Left Behind” act has serious flaws that forces teachers to ‘teach for the test.’ I believe that ‘No Child Left Behind’ needs to be properly rebuilt by a better system that allows funds to be efficiently used for classrooms and teachers instead of educational bureaucracy. I am also a firm believer in having a choice as to where to send our children for school. Home-schooling has become more popular recently with Mecklenburg County ranking second in the state for amount of home-schooled students.  Home schools, charter schools, and private schools should all be viable options for our children.  All children are unique and all have different needs.


As the son of a Vietnam Veteran, I also support 2nd Amendments right to keep and bear arms. I am fully supportive of our military’s efforts and taking care of them once they arrive home. I am committed to assisting veterans in the recognition they deserve and working for the benefits they so desperately need. The system for helping Veterans in North Carolina is slow and inefficient. I understand that we need to help homeless veterans get off the streets and provide them with the care that they deserve. Here in the 9th district there are 140,000 veterans that reside in the Charlotte Metro Area. There are 60,000 vets that live in Mecklenburg County alone.  We have one veteran’s clinic that can treat over 20,000 veterans a year. Another clinic has been approved for completion in 2013. We need to open more Veterans clinics to better serve those that have served our country and if elected I will make this happen.

Energy and Environment

Oddly, this is a time when we should be enjoying the best of times. The world market is full of endless opportunities for growth.  As the world’s population continues to expand the need for energy will grow at a rate which outpaces the world’s capacity to deliver.  We as a nation should be underwriting research and development for new forms of green and alternative energy to supplement this need.  Yes, we are doing some, however not nearly enough.  New innovations in energy deliverable will arise and we as a nation must be prepared to produce them. Today, unfortunately, great environmental disasters seem to be the order of the day. One only has to examine the recent BP oil spill to understand the catastrophic potential of continuing our old energy supply policies that destroy our environment and pollute the living breathing nature that we share this world with.  America must lead the way; not stand in the way of getting this country off the dependence of foreign oil. As a Native American I am proud of my legacy and its respect for Mother Earth and if elected will continue to be a champion for green alternative sources of clean energy and policies and legislation that support clean water, clean air and a healthy environment for our nation and the 9th District.

Rep Sue Myrick on HEALTH

As a US House Representative, receives the best health care with that your tax dollars.

1/12/2007   (HR 4)  Sue voted against the Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act. This bill would have lowered drug prices for Medicare Part D Drugs for  folks enrolled in a prescription drug plan.

8/1/2007     (HR 3162)  Sue voted against the State Children’s Health Insurance Program Authorization.

8/2/2007     (HR 734) Sue voted against allowing you to import lower cost prescription drugs from our neighbors in Canada.  Most of these identical drugs- which come from the same manufacturers- cost a fraction of  what you pay here in America. Whose profits is Sue trying to protect?

11/7/2009    (HR 3962) Sue voted against allowing a Public Health Insurance Option to cover all Americans- yet glady takes free healthcare for herself. Sue has received more than $500,000.00  in campaign contributions from Health Care Professionals and Pharmaceutical Companies since she has been in office.  Her record speaks for itself.


We can no longer penalize future generations for our financial mismanagement. Congressional leaders need to make tough choices to reduce our debt.  Although these choices are almost always not popular. These choices need to happen to allow our country to continue to move forward out of this recession. Again, it is not enough to just be a nation of consumers; we must return to the fundamental values that this country was founded on and be at the forefront of building a new standard of living in this century, in this year and in this election. We together, will become a nation of innovators and visionaries with education, agriculture, manufacturing, technology, financial literacy and common sense leadership at our core. To accomplish this worthwhile and vital American Dream, I need your vote.  We are a country that prides itself on competition, with your vote, let us together as a community unleash our competitive edge and return to the fundamental values that make us a great District and a great country, we can make change and we can be the change that we wish to see come November 2nd with your vote.

The decisions we make today affect those generations that are coming after us.  Let’s work together to return America and the 9th district back to its higher standard and higher calling to success. Our future grandchildren depend on it.

Myrick Mute on 9th District Unemployment

As out of work Americans voice their anger over sky rocketing unemployment numbers, members on Capitol Hill frantically search for solutions to promote industry and create jobs. Sue Myrick’s solution for North Carolina’s 9th District… silence.

 Charlotte, NC — Sue Myrick, Republican seat holder of North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, has taken a hands off approach to the unemployment crisis. Under her tenure, job loss is seeing record highs in the district, which is at the heart of America’s textile and manufacturing industry. For District 9 that means that almost 60% of the US textile industry has disappeared since 2000, costing Mecklenburg county residents thousands of jobs. In 2008, when Charlotte based Wachovia was overtaken by San Francisco based Wells Fargo, Myrick was asleep at the wheel while thousands lost jobs. Gaston County’s unemployment rate soared from 5.5% in 2007 to a staggering 13.9% by Christmas 2009, and Mecklenburg County saw its rate skyrocket from 4.5% to 11.2% in the same period. This unprecedented job loss has taken a devastating toll on the families in North Carolina. According to a report in the Charlotte Business Journal, there were 1,150 foreclosures filed in the Charlotte-Gastonia-Concord area in November 2009, up 58.4% from 2008. Where Americans look to their leaders to ease unemployment, Sue Myrick hasn’t even protected jobs. She’s lost them.
Jeff Doctor, Myrick’s sole opponent for the 9th District seat says, “She has become out of touch with the people of Mecklenburg, Union, and Gaston counties after 8 terms and 16 years as a Washington DC insider.” Doctor illustrates her ineffectiveness as a leader citing that “none of the 10 bills she sponsored have made it into law, and of the 257 bills she co-sponsored, only 3 became law.”

What’s more confusing is Myrick’s strategy to stimulate job growth: no strategy. Her website claims that job creation is among her “priorities”. What follows the rhetoric is a list of links to local chamber of commerce websites. Sue’s voting record seems to paint a different picture. Since at least 2000 she has voted consistently on measures that led to the inevitable outsourcing of thousands of her own constituents’ jobs, such as voting to allow the US to extend permanent trade relations with China and voting to remove duties on South American imports, making it cheaper to import textiles and manufactured goods and that has cost us North Carolinian jobs.

Native American Small Business Owner Jeff Doctor To Run For Congress

Myrick Caught “Asleep At The Wheel” On Driving Jobs To District 9

(Charlotte, NC) Native American small business owner Jeff Doctor will announce on Monday February 22, 2010 that he is running for Congress in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District.

“In these tough economic times, we need more leaders in Washington who understand economic development and what it takes to create jobs.  As a small business owner, I understand the challenges that North Carolina families and small businesses are facing on a daily basis.” Doctor said.  “I’ve been active in this community and have been involved in a number of small businesses.  I had to work my way up so I know what it means to work hard and struggle to make ends meet.”

Doctor said, “People are tired of the Washington style politicians driving this district in the wrong direction. Sue Myrick has been asleep at the wheel not working to protect a strong economic presence in this region. I want to protect the businesses that exist now and accelerate the focus on helping local entrepreneurs create jobs”

He also noted he will focus on promoting renewable energy, veteran’s issues and making sure the federal government is more fiscally responsible.   The Doctor campaign’s website is www.JeffDoctorforCongress.com

“This isn’t Sue Myrick’s seat in congress, it belongs to the people of Mecklenburg, Gaston and Union counties,” Doctor said.  “I will fight for North Carolinians in Washington and will work tirelessly to bring major industries and small businesses to North Carolina.”

Jeff Doctor is a community leader and a successful entrepreneur, who’s current work includes health care for Native Americans with diabetes. An investor and owner of small businesses, Doctor knows what it takes to create jobs. Doctor’s experience included working as a baggage handler and domestic violence counselor to starting a number of successful small businesses in the Charlotte area. Doctor is the son of a Vietnam Veteran and a proud Native American. He and his wife Allyson live in Charlotte and have an 11 year old daughter, Chloe.