College Democrats of America hold convention at UNC-Charlotte

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By David Whisenant

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – As Charlotte gears up to possibly host the Democratic National Convention, students at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte are currently holding their own convention.

The College Democrats of America are meeting through the weekend at UNCC in northeast Charlotte.

More than 250 CDA members from more than 100 colleges and universities across the country will attend this year’s convention.

Students will participate in training sessions and will hear from elected officials and top activists within the Democrat party.

While Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx was on the why into the room, UNCC senior Ashlei Blue was working the room, handing out posters for Charlotte’s 2012 DNC bid.

“This convention would be a nice step towards us receiving the bid for the big deal, which is the DNC in 2012,” Blue told WBTV.

This convention of college Democrats from across the country is meant to energize students to get out and vote, and that’s tougher in a year with no presidential contender.

There were big names like Senator Claire McCaskill live on video, and Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, in person.

Kaine isn’t just a high profile Democrat, he’s the head of the DNC, so it’s another way for Charlotte to say hey look at me.

And in 2008 the DNC met in Denver, the same city that hosted this College Democrats of America convention, can you read anything into that?

“No, you really can’t, ” Kaine told WBTV’s David Whisenant.  “Like we’re doing a DNC meeting, the entire DNC is meeting a month from now in St. Louis, that also is completely coincidental, so we’ve got a hard decision to make and we’re still months away from it.”

This convention wraps up a busy week for Charlotte’s DNC bid, and Mayor Anthony Foxx says Charlotte made a strong case.

“Charlotte put its best foot forward,” Fox said.   “All of us need to be very proud of the city in which we live, and in many ways being in this final group is an affirmation of the investments being made in our city over 20-25 years.”

Now the challenge is see where Kaine and the others on the DNC team want to be in 2012.

Kaine did tell WBTV that the final decision will come after election day in November, probably late 2010 or early 2011.

The College Democrats of America convention continues at UNCC through Sunday.

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