Month: March 2010

Jeff Doctor Campaign Kickoff Dinner

On Thursday March 25, 2010, The Jeff Doctor for Congress Committee along with Guest Host Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers threw the official Campaign Kickoff Dinner at the stunning Aloft Hotel in Uptown Charlotte.  The night was a complete success, attended by enthusiastic 9th district voters and supporters of Jeff Doctor’s campaign.


Steve Smith took the podium first to speak about how he and Jeff first met and how their friendship has remained strong over the years.  He then introduced Jeff Doctor, who took the stand to give an emotional, heartfelt account of how his father’s hard work and perseverance made Jeff the man he is today.  He spoke about the kind of change that is desperately needed in the 9th district and how he can draw on his strengths to bring about that change.  The official announcement of his candidacy for North Carolina’s 9th district was met with cheers and applause.


Guests enjoyed BBQ and had the opportunity to voice their ideas and concerns to Jeff Doctor face-to-face.  Thank you to Steve Smith for graciously donating autographed footballs for the event!

Myrick Mute on 9th District Unemployment

As out of work Americans voice their anger over sky rocketing unemployment numbers, members on Capitol Hill frantically search for solutions to promote industry and create jobs. Sue Myrick’s solution for North Carolina’s 9th District… silence.

 Charlotte, NC — Sue Myrick, Republican seat holder of North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, has taken a hands off approach to the unemployment crisis. Under her tenure, job loss is seeing record highs in the district, which is at the heart of America’s textile and manufacturing industry. For District 9 that means that almost 60% of the US textile industry has disappeared since 2000, costing Mecklenburg county residents thousands of jobs. In 2008, when Charlotte based Wachovia was overtaken by San Francisco based Wells Fargo, Myrick was asleep at the wheel while thousands lost jobs. Gaston County’s unemployment rate soared from 5.5% in 2007 to a staggering 13.9% by Christmas 2009, and Mecklenburg County saw its rate skyrocket from 4.5% to 11.2% in the same period. This unprecedented job loss has taken a devastating toll on the families in North Carolina. According to a report in the Charlotte Business Journal, there were 1,150 foreclosures filed in the Charlotte-Gastonia-Concord area in November 2009, up 58.4% from 2008. Where Americans look to their leaders to ease unemployment, Sue Myrick hasn’t even protected jobs. She’s lost them.
Jeff Doctor, Myrick’s sole opponent for the 9th District seat says, “She has become out of touch with the people of Mecklenburg, Union, and Gaston counties after 8 terms and 16 years as a Washington DC insider.” Doctor illustrates her ineffectiveness as a leader citing that “none of the 10 bills she sponsored have made it into law, and of the 257 bills she co-sponsored, only 3 became law.”

What’s more confusing is Myrick’s strategy to stimulate job growth: no strategy. Her website claims that job creation is among her “priorities”. What follows the rhetoric is a list of links to local chamber of commerce websites. Sue’s voting record seems to paint a different picture. Since at least 2000 she has voted consistently on measures that led to the inevitable outsourcing of thousands of her own constituents’ jobs, such as voting to allow the US to extend permanent trade relations with China and voting to remove duties on South American imports, making it cheaper to import textiles and manufactured goods and that has cost us North Carolinian jobs.